“I look forward to serving the next two years as your mayor.”

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Nov 10, 2015 Comments Off on “I look forward to serving the next two years as your mayor.” kennethjosef


Kim and I are just getting back into the loop after a few days away. There are no words to describe how grateful we are to our family, Facebook friends and supporters for your support of my campaign for Mayor. Statistically, we beat the odds again to keep Fayetteville moving in the right direction. I contend a direction that will improve everyone’s quality of life and continue our quest to make Fayetteville more competitive with other large cities throughout the Carolinas.

I feel so honored to be re-elected as your Mayor and will never forget or take for granted the belief and confidence your have entrusted with me. I will continue to lead this City Council down a road of common sense decision making and work every day to better our City. Thank you again for your support, financial contributions, kind words and most of all… your vote!

I will continue to update my Facebook page and website, natrobertson.com with pertinent information about things going on around Fayetteville. And, as always I would encourage you to reach out to me with issues or concerns that you are having with our city government. My email is nat@natrobertson.com and my office phone number is 910-433-1992.

I would also like to be clear on my statement about not running again for re-election. I have said, and still contend that IF I am unable to make significant changes to our City in four years, someone else should have an opportunity to make those needed changes. I recognize the Mayor’s seat is only mine for a short period of time and belongs to the residents of Fayetteville, not to me. By the end of this term, I hope that I will be able to support another Mayoral candidate that I can trust with our City. If not, I will not allow our City to be derailed without a fight.

Please keep our family and the City Council in your prayers as we continue to take on tough issues and make decisions that will impact the futures of our children and grand children.

Thank you again for your consideration and vote!


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